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        Thanks for visiting our art site.  Pop Goes Lethal is a great number of different things.  And the site has grown very large and sprawling.  It's not an easy site to navigate, and I apologize for that.  I'm just not a very well fxpro demo organized webmaster I guess.  And I don't know much about web authoring either, really.  So you might find some pages that don't work right, depending on your browser or whatever, you know?



Site Map -  This map is a useful way to get to the more hidden corners of the site, of which there are many.  It is not, however, exhaustive and you can find fxpro donwload pages that even I have probably forgotten about if you poke around long enough.

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I change the main index page every few days or so, just cause I feel like it.  I do some basic SEO stuff like including Meta tags when I remember to, but for the most part, I just say fuck it.  Because you know what?  Our page rank isn't too bad and I don't really do anything to try to improve it, so my feeling is that Google knows what they are doing and I feel no need to try to fool them or whatever.

Ok.  So here's the current index page.

  Unless you are reading this in the future when it no longer is the index page.  In which case, you can ascertain from these words two things:  it's the future.  and  i linked to this page from somewhere else in the site.

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Audio Type:

Komputadora or ---Page

  mr strauss or ---Page  

Mateo Kates or ---Page  

MC BoBo Dee


talkin art or ---Page 


Komputadora Music:

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Baby Lady Bay - *extra recommended*


Big Fun


Charmander Revolution - *extra recommended*

Eddie Van Halen

Epitome of Devotion

Everything - *extra recommended*

411 on the LPE


The force (ATF Premix)

Who's The Roller - *extra recommended*


Spooks - *extra recommended*


Mateo Kates Music:

Freestyle jam jam

House of words

Cancerous - *extra recommended*

So soon - *extra recommended*

Breaking into my own house


mr strauss music

Cool and Grey

Pile of Flowers

Born Bible Clinchin'

Interruption - *extra recommended*

Rappin' Eric - *extra recommended*

Palm Fronds

Trucker's Woes

Ten Dollar Flowers - *extra recommended*

State of Disaster

Ride The Pony x-x-xtreme

Russ And Steven

Mumble (all the way live)

Pheestylin da Pheelos




A Grand Opus about Love and War


McBoBo Dee

Wondering Dog - *extra recommended*


Even in Mexico - *extra recommended*

Duck con una million babies

Stinky Poo



digger digital dan part 1

digger digital dan part 2

make bolla

dj sonny and cher

four cars *extra recommended*

give it up for the regal beagle *extra recommended*

Skorpian Skatt *extra recommended*

Phone call harmonic minor

Time Code



Art Gone Evil

A Lame Ass Chick Reading Lame Ass Prose on Public Radio

Chattin' with Juan about Life in the Bario

Choosing Wisely

Constant Constantine

Cool Web Page

Old County Church

Dentist Office Visit - *extra recommended*

Dot ICO File

French Horn

Greatest Scourge

Have You Seen This

Life Long Learners - *extra recommended*

Jive Turkey

The Brits Check the Mics

The mr strauss BBC interview - *extra recommended*

Oooh mr strauss

Profoundly Retarded

Simple Answers

Talkin about Shemales

Wednesday Greeting

What Do I Think

Adventures in Burglery

Budget and Curtis Part 2 - *extra recommended*

Ch, Dag, and Nyah

College Class Analyzes Art

Debbie Debbie Debbie - *extra recommended*

Father of the Year - *extra recommended*

God of Time

I've Gotten Fired


Light Up a Room


MaryJane - *extra recommended*

Morning Star - *extra recommended*



Two Arms

Blarney 1 and 2